Premium Adjustable Wheel Carrier


MW Premium Adjustable Spare Wheel Carrier

A more adjustable, flexible, and more reliable spare wheel holder and is designed for DIY installation on any canopies.

  • 5mm Heavy Duty Aluminium– Manufactured from marine grade flat plate aluminium.
  • Rear Panel – Laser-cut aluminium with multiple mounting points, allows for easy installation.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket – Easily adjustable to carry any wheel up to 38 inch.
  • Wheel Support– Allows the weight of the wheel to be evenly distributed, increasing the load capacity of the wheel holder substantially.
  • Padlocking System– Add security of your spare wheel to prevent any potential theft.
  • M15 Wing Nut – Allows for the wheel to be secured tightly by hand.

Notice: Price for Sydney Metro Area Only and GST Inclusive.