MW 12v system (by using Victron)

From: $3,750.00


MW Long-Weekender Includes:

  • Solid Aluminum Housing & Perspex See-Through Design, with Powder Coated Finish
  • Victron DC/DC-30A Charger
  • Victron Phoenix Pure Sinewave 800VA Inverter
  • Victron Solar Controller 20A
  • Packages with batteries available: Options of Enerdrive 100Ah Lithium, Victron 100Ah Lithium or Zeal 200Ah Lithium. Including battery cover, battery protects &BMS
  • Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor
  • 4x Hi-Amp USB Sockets & 1x Auxiliary Power Outlet; 6x Pre-wired Circuit Breakers
  • 4x Dedicated Anderson Plugs for: Main Battery, Second Battery; Fridge; Solar Panel
  • 2x Anderson Plugs for Other Electric Appliances
  • Built-In Bluetooth Smartphone Monitoring Feature

Long-Weekender: $ 3,750 Supply ONLY
Product without battery.

Package A: $ 4,750 Supply ONLY
Comes with Enerdrive 100Ah Smart Battery (Lithium Battery)

Package B: $5,550 Supply ONLY
Comes with Victron 100Ah Smart Battery (Lithium Battery), including Victron battery protects & BMS, Battery cover.

Package C: $5,450 Supply ONLY
Comes with Zeal 200Ah Smart Battery (Lithium Battery), including Victron battery protects & BMS.

Wiring cost:
*Wiring cost is extra and depends on the model of vehicle.

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Long-Weekender, Package A, Package B, Package C