Motop Roof Top Tent MT-135 NEXT GEN


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Spacious & Strong Shell

Full alloy shell construction. Alloy extrusion side panelling. 20mm thick alloy honeycomb roof & flooring. No rivets. All joints are fully sealed with industrial seal to eliminate any water ingress.

Water Proof & Breathable Canvas with 360-degree rainfly

300GSM tear resistant all-weather canvas. Thick and 100% weather and dust proof. With interior canvas skin full blacked out to maximise sunlight blockage. Sleeping at mid day with no light you can see.

Variety of Models to Choose From

With 5 different sizes to choose from, one will certainly suit your needs!

please refer to bottom of the image section on this page for specs and differences of all models available.

Quality Memory Foam Mattress & 2x Pillows

This is the best part of the next-gen Motop tent! Being a traveller we understand how important it is to be comfortable when you are on road. The next-gen Motop tents are fitted with high density & quality memory foam mattress. Removable & washable zipped mattress cover. 
Two memory foam pillows are included. Mattress thickness:

  • Slimeline models 60mm
  • Plus+ models 80mm
Thermal Cotton Inner Layer

Not keen to carry excessive beddings and toppers with you? We have you covered! This detachable thermal layer reserves heat and keep you warm in cold weather. 

During summer seasons, you can simply detach this thermal layer from your tent and put back on when you need it again. Simple!

Fly screen + Canvas + Thermal Layer For All 3x Entrances

This next-gen version gives you multiple layers of protection and convenience on all entrances. 
Fly screen to keep fly and midge away.
Canvas screen to keep you dry in raining and windy nights

Thermal layer reserves heat and keep you warm.

Electrical, Lighting & Ventilor Fan

Electrical system is equipped in the next-gen models as standard, with following features:

  • Switch control of LED lights
  • USB ports x2
  • Type C charger x2;
  • Cig socket;
  • Volt Gauge
  • LED strip light mounted on celling, with triple color and dimming control: Bright LED, Warm and White. 
  • The unique ventilator fan will drive moisture and condensed air out of your tent during your sleep, so you won’t wake up with wet canvas walls and bedding to disappoint.
Only Top Quality Accessories

2x Shoe bags: mounting rails go in tent tracks, quick and easy setup. Shoe bags can be mounted either on rear, or both sides of tent.
Telescopic ladder: 2.3m extension, widened step surface area and powder coated black with hook attachment to your ladder receiver on the tent. Ladder receiver can be located either at rear, or either side entrances.
Adjustable lever latches: Allow adjustment of tent closing tightness. Worrying about the tent being opened during travel by accident? These adjustable lever latches will prevent this occasion and keep you in good piece of mind!
Gas struts: Top of the range quality German made gas struts that is water and salt resistant. Incorporated with its shock absorbing feature that gives you a smooth operation during setup and pack down.
2x Roof racks included: No need to pay for this, we got you covered! Easy fitment to your tent, with tie-down rings also included. Feel free to position your roof racks on the tent roof to suit your needs. 

ONLY Top Quality Fittings 

We know our Aussie travellers love to take the Motop tent out and about exploring this beautiful country and terrains. Therefore we have implemented fittings and parts with top quality material that will withstand the harshest environment.

All parts are made out of single moulded and CNC cut aluminium extrusions. Creating a rattle-free and rust-free long lasting result that we all love to have.

Anti-Condensation Mat & Side Wall Skirting

Users experience is our top priority. Anti-condensation mat helps to separate condensation to your mattress and improves your experience camping in your Motop tent.

No one wants to be waken up by cold touches at your arms and legs. This is why the side wall skirts around all sides is introduced to play this important role. Skirts is attached to tent side walls with velcro, therefore removable and washable.

Extruded Roof Mounting Tracks

These roof tracks are truely all purpose feature that we all love.  These two tracks are extruded to side panels as one piece, running lengthwise, super strong and rust free. This allows to mount your accessories such as roof racks, solar panel and other DIY ideas with ease. 

Optional Accessories

Motop offers a variety of accessories you can add to your camping and adventure list.

Visit our website for more details:

Which model is the best suitable for you?

Motop offers 5 different sizes of clamshell tents to suit your specific needs, and divided into two ranges:

Note: All tent models are 2250mm long, but different in width and thickness.

Slimline Range Models- Highlight: Low profile of 160mm thick when closed.
◆MT-120 Model: 2250L x 1280W x 160H (Mattress: 60mm thick)
◆MT-135 Model: 2250L x 1430W x 160H (Mattress: 60mm thick)

PLUS Range Models- Highlight: Space inside to store your beddings and pillows.
◆MT-120 PLUS Model: 2250L x 1280W x 200H (Mattress: 80mm thick)
◆MT-135 PLUS Model: 2250L x 1430W x 200H (Mattress: 80mm thick)

Note *:

Motop roof top tents subject to availability. Our friendly staff will be in contact with you in case goods you order is not in stock or on waiting list.
Shipping available nationwide. Please add to cart to see shipping cost. 

Product Parameter

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